Executive Summary

This summer, in 2017, I am attempting to ride my bike, solo, from Boston to San Francisco. I quit my job in Boston, and when I get to California, I’ll stay. I have every reason and no particular reason to do this, but the closest thing to a satisfying motivation I can offer is that after a lot of years of hard work, I’d like some serious “me time,” and I want that time to include a long and hopefully inspirational journey. Plus I really do like riding my bike that much.


As I start this blog, I am 750 miles into the journey already. I left Boston on June 13, and I reached my parents’ house in Ohio in 11 days. The journey always had three stages in my mind: (1) Learning: Boston to Montreal in May with the Boston Cyclist’s Union, (2) Proving Myself: Boston to Cleveland solo, and (3) Going For It: Cleveland to San Francisco solo. And here it is, the real deal starts today!


I have to make it to SF by the end of August, and I will do my best to make that all by bike, but I have no intention of being stupid—if I’m in danger of hurting myself or if some level of risk is clearly unnecessary, I slow down and do my best with whatever situation I face. Of course it would be nice to have accomplished something so great as this, but for now, I care much more about seeing the country under my own power, staying safe, and collecting memories along the way.


I don’t want an “artifact” from this trip. I’ve only been taking pictures when the moment compels me, and I’ll only write when it feels right, or, I suppose, if people start wondering where I am because it’s been too long. This blog is for you, my friends and family, because I want to share some of this experience with you if you’re curious to follow; it’s the next best thing to having you there with me.

Since I like numbers, I’m keeping track of my progress with Strava, and you can also follow me on Instagram at mccronecolin.


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